Hello Sweet Cheer: 12 week bumpdate


12 week bumpdate

     Today I'm 12 weeks pregnant! Wooohooo! We are chugging right along. This week baby is 2.1 in, the size of a plum and should be .49 oz! June Bug is growing big and strong! I am feeling much less nauseous than I was from weeks 6-9 and now I'm just waiting to "get my energy back" which I'm convinced will never happen. We'll see ;) We are traveling for Thanksgiving this week and spending Thursday with Ryan's family. Then we'll stop and see my sister and brother-in-law and my brand new baby nephew, Easton! We can't wait to meet him.

12 week update: here we go!

How far along: 12 weeks

Size of babe: Large plum

Gender: Finding out in 3 weeks!

Husband: Ryan is so excited. He has had a hard time being excited and feeling like it's real lately. It's understandable because I'm the one with all the crazy changes going on and he can't even see a bump yet! But yesterday we got to hear baby's heartbeat and we were both on cloud nine all day. It was such a sweet moment that we will never forget! I think that made it real for him. I loved seeing that smile on his face, that's the moment I could see such love in his eyes for our babe!

Maternity Clothes: Just some stretchy jeans and wearing flowy shirts for comfort!

Stretch Marks: Not yet

Loving: Oatmeal every morning, obsessed with blue Powerade, also loving the thought that next year during the holidays we will have a 6 month old!

Loathing: Anything with lots of seasoning or a strong smell - (i.e. Mexican food, my husband's hot sauce he puts on EVERYTHING) Also, getting up to pee EVERY night is so irritating! I can only imagine it getting worse as this pregnancy continues.

Belly Button: In

Movement: None yet

Symptoms: Still queasy a lot but the "morning sickness" has definitely subsided. I can get through most days without feeling super nauseous now. Having quite a few headaches lately, but trying to combat that with drinking lots and lots of water!

Best Part of the Week: Hearing our June Bug's strong and fast little heartbeat!!! It was 160 bpm!

Worst Part of the Week: Lots of headaches :(

Missing Most: Caffeine...I'm doing my best to stay off of it and up my water intake but it is so hard!!

Can't wait for: December 15th! The day we found out boy or girl!!!

So that's it! My first official bumpdate! Here is a sweet picture of us at our midwife appt yesterday. We were so excited and just happy to know our little babe is doing well in there!

Happy almost Thanksgiving! I'll be back later this week for a house update - Christmas decoration style!

xoxo || meredith holguin


  1. No joke, I eat oatmeal every morning (but I did way before I was preggo haha) and I like blue gatorade. Crazy!

  2. I remember when we got to hear the heartbeats- it does make it more real! So excited to find out if it's a boy or girl!!!