Hello Sweet Cheer: Our Sweet June Bug


Our Sweet June Bug

We cannot wait to meet our sweet baby in June! 

As a disclaimer - I will be posting "bumpdates" and for those of you who aren't interested, I'm not offended at all! Just skip over to the next non-baby related post! I'm mostly posting these things for my own documentation and memory!

Here are weeks 4-8:

Week 4

We find out at EXACTLY 4 weeks that we are pregnant! We are ECSTATIC.

     I planned to take a pregnancy test on the very first day I could get a positive result. We bought the tests the night before and since it is recommended to use the first urine of the day to test, I did just that. I woke up around 4am with really bad stomach cramps and honestly assumed I was starting my period. So I went to the restroom with a full bladder and decided to go ahead and test since I was convinced it would be negative anyway. I used the line test, set it down to wait the 3 minutes for results and within 20 seconds there were TWO lines. And they were dark. No question here, my hormones must have already been really high.

     I walked into our bedroom, flipped on the lamp and held the test up to show Ryan. He was fast asleep so of course it took him a second, but once he saw the test he knew. He was so precious and we just hugged and smiled for a few minutes. We were still sleepy since it was FOUR AM! So we went back to sleep for another hour or so.

     After waking up for the day, I immediately summoned my husband to take our first bump picture (with of course no bump present). He was so sweet and asked so many questions. When should we tell people? What does this mean? How soon do we see our midwife? How soon will you start showing? He’s a keeper! And will be the sweetest daddy.

     Later on this week he confessed he thought the day we found out was Day 1 of my pregnancy. When we decided to tell our families only days after we found out, he was concerned that it was too early. He had no idea that the way it’s measured meant we were in week four! I guess I should have been more informative ;)

     We both took Friday off and traveled to my parent’s house on Thursday evening! Once we were about an hour outside of town, I checked the location services in iMessage and realized my dad was on his way to San Marcos….. OOPS. He wasn’t even there. But my mom was, so we got there, told her and she was so excited! She is Libby to my nephew Easton (due to arrive on December 9th) so she was stoked to get two grand babies in one year! I facetimed my dad and two of my sisters, they were just as excited. My baby sister was the sweetest, she just sat there with her jaw dropped and kept saying, “What? Really? Oh my gosh!” I just love her so! And I know she will be the sweetest Aunt Millie to our little June Bug! The next morning I facetimed my other sister and she was so happy, too! So much fun. That morning we drove from Dallas to San Antonio to spend Friday evening and Saturday with Ryan’s family. We saw my mother-in-law first and told her when we got to her house. She was sooo pumped! She’s been excited about us having kids since day one! On Saturday we went to the lake to meet up with my brother and sister in law, father in law, and nieces and nephews. We told them altogether and it was so precious. My father in law was adorable, so so excited. And my brother-in-law even teared up a little! He probably wouldn’t appreciate me saying that! (sorry Sammy ;)) 

     All in all, week four was one to remember! I will never forget the smiles, tears, laughter and excitement on each of our family member’s faces. No symptoms just yet! Only major excitement!

Week 5

     Still no real symptoms, just telling more friends and family members. Enjoying so much the excitement they all have for us!  The only thing I'm noticing at this point is that my tummy feels different. I can just tell there's something going on in there. I can only describe it as when I lean back, my tummy feels stretched. Super weird and maybe in my head. 

Week 6

     On the first day of my sixth week... I wake up feeling the most nauseous I have ever felt.  I'll be really honest, as much as I knew pregnancy came with symptoms, sometimes I wondered if mommas were being just a tad bit dramatic. But no, now I know. Waking up nauseous is just about the weirdest feeling ever. Not to mention, not even having the ability to throw up to relieve the nauseated feeling seems like a curse! I'm also beginning to feel the extreme exhaustion. I've actually been feeling it for the last two weeks but didn't quite recognize it as a symptom until this week. 

Week 7 

     Still having pretty miserable sickness. I still don't understand why they call it morning sickness...it's ALL DAY sickness. I've just been keeping a big water bottle at my desk to stay hydrated and a box of crackers in my drawer. I munch on them as often as I can to keep my stomach from being completely empty. I'm noticing minor food cravings, nothing too dramatic or different from my normal diet. Of course one day I did ask my husband to go to the store for pickles..how stereotypical am I?!

Week 8

     This week has been a little bit easier on the sickness side of things. I'm drinking peppermint and ginger tea, eating so many pb&j's because that's all that sounds good to me, and eating crackers BEFORE I get out of bed. With all these little tips and tricks I'm feeling like I have the nausea a bit more under control! We have our first midwife appt scheduled and our first sonogram to find out the gender! We are thrilled!



     That's all I've got so far! Yes, we have names picked out, no we aren't telling until we find out the gender! Yes, we're using a midwife and shooting for a completely natural birth! My due date is June 7th. See you then, June bug!

xoxo || meredith holguin

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