Hello Sweet Cheer: 14 week bumpdate


14 week bumpdate

Happppppy Tuesday! I can't believe I'm FOURTEEN WEEKS today! This babe is growing for sure. We are so in love with our sweet June Bug already!

How far along: 14 weeks

Size of babe: Lemon

Gender: Finding out in 1 week! We are so excited. Praying that baby cooperates for the camera! ;)

Husband: Ryan is such a great support. He is quick to make sure I'm feeling okay, reminds me to drink water and eat healthy, prays for me daily, and so much more. He has been pretty excited about seeing how much my belly has grown in the past two weeks. We daydream all the time about what it will be like when baby gets here and how we want to raise our family - with Jesus at the center. I love him so much and I feel so blessed to get to walk through life with him!

Maternity Clothes: Still in the stretchy jeans, I can FIT in my other pants, they're just super uncomfortable across the button. I should probably invest in a belly band? Any mommas have any suggestions? I'm also wearing a LOT of dresses. They are just much more comfortable in this in between stage.

Stretch Marks: No

Loving: Still obsessed with oatmeal. I've been craving toast the past few mornings too. Of course, we've been out of bread this week haha!

Loathing: I really can't stand strong smells. They give me headaches, which I already have a ton of, and make me feel all queasy.

Belly Button: In

Movement: I THINK I felt baby move! I really don't know since this is my first pregnancy but last week I was laying in bed really still and I felt some thuds in there. It was crazy and I'm still not sure if it was baby or just weird stomach rumblings but it definitely felt different than anything I've felt before!

Symptoms: Headaches. Almost every day. Exhaustion. Still fighting to get some energy. (although i did have a burst of energy one day last week)

Best Part of the Week: Seeing pictures of my sweet nephew almost every day! I cannot wait to meet him at Christmas.

Worst Part of the Week: This week has been pretty great! Other than the constant headaches, no major complaints here!

Missing Most: SUSHI. Ryan and I were at MarketStreet on Sunday and they had the sushi out to try and I wanted some SO BAD. Oh well, baby is totally worth it :)

Can't wait for: December 15th! The day we found out boy or girl!!!

I actually took this picture last week at exactly 13 weeks! It was the first day my belly truly looked like a baby bump instead a chubby belly! ;)

We are so excited to find out the gender next week and share with all our family and friends! We'll probably post on Instagram and Facebook before I write up a post so make sure you are following me to hear the big news!

xoxo || meredith holguin

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