Hello Sweet Cheer: January 2016


New York Trip || Part 3

Happy Sunday!

Here's my final recap of our trip to NYC!

We didn't get the best pictures with Lady Liberty - only because it was POURING and FREEZING the day we went. We still had fun though!

     We knew we wanted to go to Serendipity for dessert one evening. We took the Subway and got there around 4:30 to put our name down for dessert. The wait is usually about 3 hours, this is one of those places you MUST have a reservation if you want to eat dinner there. So we planned to put our names down and walk across the street for some pizza until it was time! BUT, while we were in line, a group who had a dinner reservation ended up leaving and giving their reservation to the couple in front of us. It was for 6 so they asked us if we wanted to join them for dinner! We ended up eating with this couple who was from Canada and then a single college-aged guy who was from Florida. It was so fun, we met new people ate great food and still got to have the famous frozen hot chocolate for dessert!

We attempted my 17 week bump picture at Dylan's Candy Bar - where I accidentally spent $27 on candy :) 

But ended up going for something with a bit more neutral background!

Later that same night we walked around a little mall and got a cute photo in front of a Christmas tree!

Oh yeah, there's my $27 worth of candy!

The next morning we went up to the top of the Empire State Building! We knew going up that we wouldn't be able to see much but we had already attempted to go so many times we decided to go up any way. It was still a lot of fun!

We walked over to check out Grand Central Station which was beautiful and then headed back to SoHo for the second time because we loved it so much!

We found the cutest and yummiest breakfast place down there called The Grey Dog. It was so good. It just reiterated how much we loved that area!

And we walked back through another favorite spot, Washington Square Park!

Ryan found more coffee and this adorable book for the nursery!

After a fun morning shopping and exploring we went back to our hotel to relax and get ready for our last night in the city! We had dinner at a great thai place and went to see Wicked on broadway! It was AMAZING. We couldn't have enjoyed that evening more.

We had such a great trip. I am so thankful we were able to have this time away together, explore NYC and just soak in some much needed vacation before a crazy and busy spring!

Thank you to my wonderful husband for taking me, it was one for the books!

xoxo || meredith holguin

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Life Lately

Helllllllo my friends!

     I just wanted to give a quick update on what we've been doing for the last few weeks! And really it's going to be a huge photo dump. I feel like I have all these pictures of what we've been up to and I want to share them!

Ryan upgraded his studio to two desks and did a little organizing to make it more functional!

Ryan put Titus' crib together meaning we officially started his nursery! Working on picking the perfect shade for the walls!

I hit 18 weeks and 19 weeks! (on the odd weeks I take a picture just for me without the chalkboard)

We took about a million pictures with Porter (as per usual) because let's face it, he's just the cutest thing!

Ryan surprised me by getting this storage unit I have been wanting and having it all set it up when I came home from work last Friday! He is a doll. My plan is to fill those bins on the bottom row with blankets, toys, burp rags, etc. for easy access while we are in the living room and for a nice looking way to keep them hidden when we aren't using them! I'm in love :)

This picture doesn't do it justice but we got these awesome lights to hang in our second living area. We love them and the cozy feel they give to our house!

The child development teacher at my school showed me the 15 week and 20 week rubber fetuses she uses for teaching! Of course the tiny one is 15 weeks and that one on the right is how big Titus is now!! So so crazy! (ignore my terrible nail polish, just put my hand there for sizing purposes)

Ryan got me flowers and gift cards to my favorite clothing stores...and I BAWLED. He is such a sweetie and his love for me makes me love Jesus all the more!

And I just now made an order with those gift cards and I found some really great maternity staples! Now I just hope everything fits alright. I also got to utilize my Ebates account for the first time. It's basically a super cool cash back program for online shopping. I know it sounds sketchy but it's the real deal! I actually learned about it from another blogger and I was convinced. It's so easy. Here's a link if you want to check it out and make an account!

Behind the scenes....so irritated with the wind! Haha!

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I hope January has been good to you. And if it hasn't I pray that you would seek the Lord for peace and for comfort!

xoxo || meredith holguin