Hello Sweet Cheer: 2015 Year in Review


2015 Year in Review

Here's my Year in Review!!! I'll be back this week with a bumpdate and a recap of our anniversary trip to New York! Have a great week, friends.

JANUARY | We got married! We went on a week long honeymoon to Hawaii and settled into life as newlyweds.

FEBRUARY | We celebrated our one year dating anniversary, had our first Valentine's Day as a married couple, and I chopped off all my hair!

MARCH | My hubby turned 22!!! Here's to hoping our boy is just as cute, if not cuter than Ryan was as a baby!!

APRIL | Our best friends got engaged and we moved!! Lubbock became a thing of the past and we settled into our new home in Midland.

MAY | I got a job in our new town. I stayed home for a while during my job search and finally landed a sweet nanny job that lasted through the summer!

JUNE | Ryan's dad had a birthday, which we got to celebrate with him. We loved being here for it and remembered how family was one of the big reasons we moved here.

JULY | I got hired with Midland ISD as a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher. I continued my online certification and started to prepare my mind to be in the classroom.

AUGUST | I finished up my summer job and started working for the district with trainings and meetings and all kinds of preparation for the school year to begin.

SEPTEMBER | About a month into the school year, we found out we were expecting! We found out on September 29th, which was a year to the day that we got engaged! So much fun!

OCTOBER | I struggled through my first trimester, but we made it to the 9 week mark and we announced our news to the world!

NOVEMBER | We moved out of our apartment and into a rent house, I turned 23, and we celebrated Thanksgiving with Ryan's family at the Cowboys game! We also celebrated having our sweet dog Porter for an entire year and the birth of my nephew, Easton!

DECEMBER | We found out we are having a boy! Christmas with my family, our anniversary trip to New York and ringing in a new year!

Here's to 2016 and all that will come with it!

xoxo || meredith holguin

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