Hello Sweet Cheer: 22 week bumpdate


22 week bumpdate

How far along: 22 weeks

Size of babe: Spaghetti squash...supposedly weighing around 1 pound!

Gender: IT'S A BOY!! We can't wait to meet our son, Titus Matthew!

Husband: My husband is just the sweetest man. He loves me and serves me so well! Before getting pregnant he always loved to pamper me, but now more than ever he is full of surprises and treats! His thoughtfulness makes me feel adored and I can't wait for our kids to have him for their daddy!

Maternity Clothes: I finally broke down and bought things for work! Ryan got me a few gift cards to some of my favorite stores so that I could get the things I really needed. I'm still not finding any maternity pants that I love other than jeans (which I can only wear on Fridays) so I'm sticking mostly with dresses. If you have any suggestions for pants let me know! I really love things with a full belly band, I hate the way pants feel all tight around the lower part of my belly.

Here's my haul!

I ended up with a sweater I've been dying for from Old Navy, six dresses and four shirts! Oh and I bought myself some black booties, too ;)

Loving: The fact that people I don't know have asked me when I'm due! I was so tired of looking and feeling fat, I am definitely visibly pregnant in almost any type of clothing now!

Loathing: Still hating most types of meat :/ It's a struggle because I'm trying to make sure I'm getting plenty of protein and I really don't love eggs so I'm trying to figure that out!

Belly Button: In...but flattening out more and more every day!

Movement: Tons! It's so fun!

Symptoms: Still emotional, wired at night and tired in the morning (the worst combo), and I'm starting to feel like I'm actually eating more than I did before pregnancy. That's a pretty new symptom for me.

Best Part of the Week: I've gotten to relax a lot lately when I'm not working and that has been really helpful!

Worst Part of the Week: So far so good here in second-trimester-land!

Missing Most: Sleeping on my tummy :(

Can't wait for: Titus to be here!!! I know I still have a solid 18 weeks to go but I am so ready to meet this little boy!

And here's a little behind the scenes action...Porter really wanted to be in our picture ;)

xoxo || meredith holguin


  1. I don't like meat too much either right now... I started making smoothies and adding protein powder (not the muscle max kind. I'm using Orgain Organic Protein- plant based powder in creamy chocolate fudge (from Costco)). I do frozen berries, spinach, greek yogurt, oats, protein powder, and orange juice (or if I'm out Almond Milk- tastes the same to me). I did this because I don't feel like I'm getting a whole lot of nutrients and this makes me feel better about myself haha. Hope this helps! Love seeing that cute baby bump!!!!

    1. Thank you!! I have another friend who is pregnant and she suggested something similar! I am definitely going to try that!