Hello Sweet Cheer: Photo Dump


Photo Dump

Sometimes you just need to post all the pictures from life's latest happenings!

I tried to get my husband to snap a pic while Porter was cuddling 
my belly, but of course he wasn't quick enough for that little pup! ;)

I made biscuits and gravy a few weeks ago..so yum!

And after our breakfast we utilized the other side of our living room for some morning reading! It was really nice. We've actually used it a lot more lately and we're loving it.

21 weeks!

Ryan on his first day of work! He wasn't ready yet, but I had
 to leave and like a good wife I needed to get a first day pic!

And then we shopped for more work clothes!

And had a weeknight Rosa's date...

I turned 22 weeks pregnant!

And tried out these protein bars per the recommendation of 
one of my preggie friends! I liked them!

I caught Porter sun bathing...

And my sister sent me a baby gift! She lives out of state so she won't make it to my showers.

And I met up with a blog friend! Love her dearly.

I got nephew cuddles...

And he fell asleep in an instant on mom...

And then I co-hosted a bridal shower for one of my besties!

We had a blast!

But then this preggers needed a meal! And we got something we don't have at home... so yummy!

He's such a good husband ;)

And Porter was still cute...

And the weather warmed up a lot!

And this is what my 23 week picture ended up being....

Porter loves my new body pillow...

And sun bathing is one of his favorite pastimes I guess?

And he got his daddy a valentine!

And we spent Valentine's Day in the front yard, Ryan pulling 
weeds while I sat on the porch in the sun with my sweet tea!

More sunbathing...

And THIS was my 24 week picture. Ryan had to work late 
so I was left to my own devices!

And there was a tough week thrown in there. And Jesus was good through it all.

xoxo || meredith holguin


  1. Porter pictures are EVERYTHING. Gahh especially the sunbathing ones. Super duper cutes. You are busy haha I don't know if I would have the energy like you do if I ever get pregnant. Super Mum!

  2. Porter is our stand in child until baby comes so naturally I can't get enough of him ;)