Hello Sweet Cheer: 30 week bumpdate


30 week bumpdate

How far along: 30 weeks

Size of babe: Cabbage! Around 16.5 inches and about 3 pounds!

Gender: IT'S A BOY!! We can't wait to meet our son, Titus Matthew!

Husband: My sweet Ryan has had to do a bit more back rubbing lately! He has been so sweet to massage my back and hips right in the places where they are getting stiff. I don't think he knows how helpful it really is!

Maternity Clothes: Exclusively wearing dresses and leggings!

Loving: Kicks and rolls! Baby boy moves so much and I could stare at my belly watching him for hours!

Loathing: Just small aches and pains. I am starting to notice that I'm going to get pretty uncomfortable in the next few weeks. Getting my body moving during the day through running errands, doing housework and light workouts definitely helps that!

Belly Button: In but very very flat...still!

Movement: All day long!

Symptoms: Washing dishes has become quite a chore due to how far away from the sink I stand because of this big belly! So I've just had some back aches lately because of that and getting comfortable to sleep at night.

Best Part of the Week: My midwife appointment yesterday! Titus is head down and will hopefully stay that way until labor day! His heart rate was around 157bpm so he is doing great!

Worst Part of the Week: This weekend Ryan painted the nursery...and I couldn't help! That was pretty tough, sitting around while my husband worked super hard wasn't very fun. But I am so grateful to him for it! Check out this post for some progress pictures!

Missing Most: Range of motion? I don't know, the belly is just becoming more and more obvious each day!

Can't wait for: My first baby shower this weekend!!!!!

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