Hello Sweet Cheer: Double Weekend Update!


Double Weekend Update!

Alright we'll start with TWO weekends ago!

     That weekend was Ryan's birthday! It was such a sweet time celebrating him with friends and family. We started on Friday evening with a pizza, one gift and couch snuggles.

     Saturday was his actual birthday! So my father-in-law brought over donuts for breakfast, Ryan opened his big gift from me and we just enjoyed the morning.

     After that he got started with his new lawn mower! It was a birthday gift from his dad so they got it all put together and he mowed the lawn. On his birthday, I know.

Around noon is when our friends and family started to arrive for a brisket lunch!


     It was so much fun to have everyone all together and break out Ryan's new camera! The rest of the day was pretty relaxing! Ryan hung out with his friend Nate, I took a quick nap and then we headed over to a friend's house for dinner! It was such a fun weekend celebrating Ryan's life. I am so blessed by him!

Onto this past Easter weekend...

     During the day Friday, I got everything all situated and ready for Ryan to paint the nursery! I went to Lowe's for paint, ran to our friend's house to borrow a few items and stopped at Big Lots for paint trays and sponges. Once Ryan got off work we had some yummy tacos for dinner and just spent the evening together. It was nice to take that time to just hang out and be together without watching a movie or show or being out doing something. I cherish those times with my husband so so much! Ryan also broke out the camera and has really been enjoying taking photos and videos!

     Saturday morning we took ourselves on a T&T date - which if you aren't from here means nothing to you! T&T is just about the best donut place I've ever been to. It's unique to this area but it is so so good. And they have so many options on Saturday mornings!

     After donuts Ryan started the painting! He did a coat in the nursery, then a coat on our dresser, another coat in the nursery and another coat on the dresser. We still have trimming to do in Titus' room, but our dresser is done, complete with new knobs!! We love it so much.

We took a lunch break before Ryan finished up the work for the day.

     Then we got all showered and pretty and ready for "date night". Which in all seriousness just means doing anything and calling it date night :) We took Porter to the dog park, took a lot of cute pictures of him, and then ran a few quick errands. Then headed home for dinner and relaxation!

     And Sunday was EASTER! We went to church, celebrated the resurrection of our Savior and then had lunch with friends afterwards. It was such a sweet morning. Ryan did some spoken word during worship and we just got to remember and thank Jesus for his sacrifice and for rising again! 

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend just like we did!!! Ugh, sorry for being so long winded today! If you've made it this far - I applaud you! Go check out my social media accounts to keep up with me as life happens!!

xoxo || meredith holguin

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