Hello Sweet Cheer: Weekend Update


Weekend Update

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Real talk: I started this post yesterday and never finished it! So for my weekend update on a TUESDAY...

     Last week was my first full week staying home and it was really good. I am settling into getting things done around the house, planning for baby, spending lots of uninterrupted time with the Lord and working on some hobbies to keep my body/mind relaxed and not over worked.

     On Friday, I took a trip to Target for a few things for the wedding I'm in this weekend. And I came home with new side tables, two boxes of diapers, a clear tub for baby clothes storage, and a few maternity items for muah! Yikes... it was all things we really needed but it was tough on the pocketbook for sure! Here are the dresses I snagged: (I also grabbed a pair of maternity yoga pants and they are EVERYTHING)

This is non-maternity so I'm going to attempt to not stretch it out too much and wear it post-baby!

This one I grabbed to possibly wear for the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner for the wedding.

And this is just a great summery dress, so comfy!

     My husband attended a workshop type event geared toward worship teams with our church this weekend. He does sound so he got to talk with and gain some wisdom from people who do the same at other churches. That event was in Lubbock so he was gone for about 24 hours - Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon.

While he was gone, I of course stayed home and was a TOTAL. DOG. MOM.

I didn't realize how bored I would get without Ryan here, but lemme tell ya...! 

First we cuddled and watched a movie...

Then I guess he got tired of me and moved to other side of the couch...

And then he came back for more snuggles!

Then we cuddled all night and got up around 8:15am...

And we took a field trip to Starbucks because #momlife...

 Then he played hard at the dog park...

And was so worn out when we left!

     This spoiled pup isn't gonna know what hit him when our baby boy arrives! Once Ryan got home on Saturday we relaxed for a bit and then had dinner with a friend followed by a Permian baseball game. We had a lot of fun, although it was much colder and windier than I expected!

Sunday was a good day! We went to church, had lunch with some friends, and sat on our patio and enjoyed the nice weather! All in all, we had a great weekend. Hope yours was good, too!

xoxo || meredith holguin

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P.S. Oh! And I'm 27 weeks pregnant today - time is flying!!! Third trimester here I come!

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