Hello Sweet Cheer: To My Mama


To My Mama

     This year on Mother's Day, I'm feeling extra sentimental... I'll let you guess why! 

     As I sit here with my son in my belly, I'm thinking back on all the sweet memories I have with my mom and feeling incredibly grateful for her place in my life. And looking so forward to the memories I'll create as I become a mother in just a few short weeks! What a sweet time of preparation I'm in!

     As a little girl, I have the most vivid memories of sitting with my mama. I remember her always letting me sit in her lap, hug her neck and love on her. I've always been one for physical touch and my parents definitely fulfilled that with all the precious times we cuddled on the couch or before bed. I am so thankful for her hugs. And I think as an adult they mean even more to me. I love getting big hugs from her every time I see her!

     My mom has always had a kind heart. She is a mother who walks so deeply in every emotion each of her children are feeling. This is something I am so grateful for in her. She has walked with me through intense joy and intense sorrow in many seasons of life. Her compassion is bigger than I can even describe. This is something so unique about the way the Lord created my mom and I am so so grateful for it.

     Another thing I truly love about my mom is how caring she is. As much as my sisters and I give her a hard time about worrying and constantly being concerned about things that seem minute... I know it is a quality in her that comes from how much she cares about others. I feel like it's a quality that I have gained from watching her love and care for our family over the last 23 years!

     I get to share two really cool loves with my mom. We share the love of dance/drill team and we share the love of Texas Tech! Drill team was my world in high school and when that ended I moved on to Texas Tech where we continued to share a love for the stage of life I was in. It's such a special thing for me to share these two things with my mama. She was on drill team and served as a student leader in the same way I did and I loved having her to talk to throughout that entire experience. She understood what I was going through in a way no one else did. And we still share our love for Texas Tech, and always will! Football season is a lot of fun when we're together! 

     My mom has always taught me about Jesus. She loves the Lord and without her guidance I wouldn't have had such a great example of what a godly woman, wife and mother looks like. I can't explain what a treasure it is to have a mama who knows the same Savior I do! Not to mention she has taught me about him and raised me up in the way I should go. She prays for me, she encourages me and leads her life as a living example of what I strive for every day.

     This Mother's Day I'm more thankful than I think I've ever been. I am excited about transitioning into motherhood with the greatest example of what a mother is, in my own mama! 

I can't wait for Titus to meet his Libby!!


     Another reason why this Mother's Day is so special is because this is the second year I get to celebrate my wonderful mother-in-law!

     There are so many things I love about her. She loves me like I am her own daughter and she makes me feel so apart of the family. I am so thankful and grateful for her sweet spirit and how excited she is for Ryan and I in every season we go through. I know our sweet boy, Titus, will be so blessed to have her as his grandma! Of course I am MOST grateful to her for giving birth to the little boy who would one day grow up to be my husband! Because of her, I get to have the love of my life, and I can't thank her enough for that!

To all the mamas and mamas-to-be, Happy Mother's Day - I hope you feel honored, loved and treasured today.

xoxo || meredith holguin

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