Hello Sweet Cheer: 40 week bumpdate


40 week bumpdate

I have officially reached my due date! This is exciting because it means this baby is coming soon! We can't even describe how ready we are to hold our sweet baby boy.

How far along: 40 weeks - AKA time to have a baby!

Size of babe: Anywhere between 7 and 9 pounds, between 18 and 22 inches! The size of a small pumpkin... yikes! My guess is that he will weigh around 8 pounds at birth! 

Gender: IT'S A BOY!! We can't wait to meet our son, Titus Matthew!

Husband: Words can't accurately describe how wonderful he is. I have had some really tough days in the last two weeks and he is always there, ready to comfort me, reassure me, tell me I'm beautiful, and more often than not just let me cry in his arms. Don't get me wrong, this is such an exciting time, but have you ever experienced pregnancy hormones!? Sheesh..... Read this post if you missed it last week, where I spilled all about it!

Maternity Clothes: Same stuff... nike shorts, shirts that don't fully cover my belly, maxi dresses, etc.

Loving: He still moves a lot! And it's so fun to feel his kicks knowing it won't be much longer before I'll miss those little thuds inside my belly. But I really can't to see him kick his little feet and squirm around OUTSIDE my belly :) Also loving popsicles, chocolate milk (story of my entire pregnancy), and thinking about the day I get to meet my baby!!

Loathing: The MYSTERY of when labor will finally start! The West Texas heat, anytime I have to be outside for an extended amount of time, etc.

Belly Button: Out!

Movement: Still tons!

Symptoms: Lots of contractions, cramps, insomnia, getting up to potty, etc.

Best Part of the Week: This weekend Ryan treated me to getting my hair done and a mani pedi! I hadn't had a haircut in almost 18 months...yikes, so it was much needed! And the mani/pedi I got a few weeks ago was already chipping so I got that re-done so I'll be all pretty when I meet my baby!!!

Worst Part of the Week: The unknown, just waiting for those labor pains to begin!

Missing Most: Still missing my ability to move freely. I feel so restricted by this big ole belly! I will be so happy to have my normal body back - even with all the scary changes after pregnancy!

Can't wait for: The day the Lord has chosen for Titus to come into this world. So so so ready!

xoxo || meredith holguin

Stay tuned for a birth announcement! Hopefully so so soon! :)

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