Hello Sweet Cheer: 8 Helpful Habits of a SAHM


8 Helpful Habits of a SAHM

     Over the last three months I've learned so much. I've learned to live on small amounts of sleep, how to care for my sweet boy, how to be a stay-at-home mom, to communicate better with my husband and a lot more that my tired mind can't think of at the moment. Much respect to all moms - staying home and working alike - it is the most crazy, difficult, exhausting, joyful thing I've ever done!

     There are some things and routines I've gotten into that have helped me to be the best mom I can be! Some of these can apply to all moms and some of them are specific to the fact that I stay home. I hope they can be helpful to all mama's and mama's-to-be...whether they sound like something that would help you too or they help you decide what you definitely don't want to do!

O N E | Feeding Schedule

     The first thing that has allowed me to keep my sanity is having my baby eat on a schedule! For about the first two months I fed Titus mostly on demand keeping within about every 3-4 hours. That meant he slept and ate as he pleased, which made for a confused mama and a super fussy baby. Every baby and mama are different but without a doubt my baby needed consistency! Now I feed him every 3 hours at the same times each day. It has changed everything for us! He fusses a lot less now and when he does fuss I can figure out what he needs a lot quicker.

This is the face of a boy on a schedule! So happy!

T W O | Leave the House Once a Day

     THIS. When I started getting out of the house I began to feel like a human again. Those first few weeks can be super tough and when I stayed cooped up at home, it was even tougher! Sometimes I just take a drive around town, swing by Starbucks or Sonic, or even just walk around Target! Even leaving the house without getting out of the car is helpful sometimes. My boy loves to nap in the car so this gives him some guaranteed sleep time - especially helpful when he has fussier days.

T H R E E | Weekly Chore Schedule

     If you don't know already, schedules and organization is everything for me. I crave order! So having all my chores planned out makes my week so much nicer. I do laundry on Mondays and Thursdays, grocery shopping on Tuesdays, and gather the trash on Wednesdays! Otherwise, I have a few things I do daily but the chore schedule helps me get things done even with a baby to take care of.

F O U R | Stay Active

     Lately, I've been walking with my sweet friend Ashley three days a week! It helps me stay active and get outside. I am definitely looking forward to the weather continuing to cool off! This one is mostly important to feeling like my body is continuing to heal and recover from pregnancy - but it also helps me just to get fresh air sometimes.

F I V E | Playtime

     Sometimes I think we focus a little too much on the hard things about motherhood. One thing that has made me a better mom is spending time on the floor, playing with my baby! There are so many things I'm responsible for outside of taking care of Titus, and sometimes that can overwhelm me. Getting down on Titus' level, laughing with him, making him smile, singing him songs and holding his hands help me to remember who I am as a mother. I love these moments and they keep me going!

S I X | Snack Throughout the Day

     I can't even count how many times I've forgotten to eat breakfast or lunch since I've been a mom. My day is filled with feeding, changing, playing, rocking, snuggling, consoling.... And meals sometimes slip my mind. Having things in the pantry or fridge that I can grab quickly and easily keep me not only healthy but happy (instead of hangry :P)!

Okay so this is a picture of me drinking coffee, not eating 
a healthy snack. Sometimes coffee is all I have time for ;)

S E V E N | Mommy Time

     I think we all know that time to ourselves is hard to come by. When it does happen, I have found it so important and helpful to spend that time reading scripture, praying, listening to worship music, writing, chalk boarding...mainly doing anything that gives me rest or points me to my Savior. Without this time, I am not filled up and therefore I cannot be the mom, woman, person that I should be.

E I G H T | Use That Nursery ASAP

     This is one that differs greatly for so many. For Ryan and I, we started transitioning Titus out of our bedroom and into his crib around 5 weeks old. Some may think that is way too early and some may think we waited too long! That was just the time frame that worked for us. Having Titus in his crib in his own bedroom has helped Ryan and I to have good quality time to talk and debrief from our days before bed. It has also helped Titus to sleep more soundly and wake up less times at night!

     Being a mom and learning what works for me has been quite the journey. It's only just begun as my boy will be three months old tomorrow. I'm told to cherish these days...and I find that these eight things are helping me to do just that! I love being a mom. So much. It's all I've ever wanted to do. I love my husband more for the fact that he made me a mom. What a precious bond we have through our child. I can't wait to share with Titus one day how much his daddy means to me!

Let me know if you've done/still do any of these things as a mom of a young child! I'd love to hear what other helpful habits you have!

xoxo || meredith holguin

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