Hello Sweet Cheer: Titus Matthew | 3 months


Titus Matthew | 3 months

A G E: Three months!

W E I G H T: I haven't attempted to weigh him at home recently but at his 2 month appointment he was 13 pounds, 8 ounces! He is in the 65th percentile!

L E N G T H: 24 1/2 inches long as of his 2 month doctor visit. He's in the 92nd percentile! I don't know where this kid got his height! I suspect he got some of my mom's family's genes!

S I Z E: Titus moved up to size 2 diapers and into 6M onesies on the same day! Talk about emotions. I went to get him dressed one day and his diaper was just too small and the 3M onesie I put on him was too short! Now we are exclusively wearing size 2 and clothing is still a bit crazy. Are baby clothes sized so weird or what?! He is wearing mostly 6M, 6-9M, with a few 3-6M things in brands that run big! As far as shorts/pants he's definitely still in 0-3M and 3M.

E Y E S & H A I R: Dark brown! His hair is the sweetest, growing in more every day. I comb it to the side every night after his bath to encourage it that way! It's so much cuter to the side than the way it currently lays!

S L E E P I N G: We have finally gotten some consistency on the sleep side of things. We do bath time at 7:30pm, followed by his last feeding at 8pm and then he sleeps until about 4/4:30am. I feed him and then he goes back down until 7/7:30am and that's when we start our day! He is doing so well. I know not every kid sleeps well at night so I am a super thankful mama!

E A T I N G: Still only on breastmilk! BUT this month came with a HUGE change for us. I got him on a feeding schedule and it has been L I F E - C H A N G I N G. I know not everyone is down with schedules but it works for us! Titus is a MUCH happier baby and I am a much happier mama - which is just a bonus! It's not for everyone but here is what we do:

7:30am Wake up, FEED
Play time and morning snuggles
9:15-10am Run errands, nap in the car/stroller
10:30am FEED
Awake time
12-12:45pm Mid-day nap << This nap doesn't always happen! Just depends on the day!
1:30pm FEED
Awake time
3-3:45pm Afternoon nap
4:30 pm FEED
Awake time (usually hangs out in the Rock-a-Roo while Mama makes dinner)
Hangs with Daddy before bedtime routine
7:30pm Bath time/bed time routine
8pm FEED
4/4:30am FEED

I can almost always count on a morning nap and an afternoon nap. They only last 30-45 minutes but that works for me! His middle of the day nap is hit or miss depending on what we're doing that day. He is such a happy boy on his schedule! I can tell a difference if we get off of it for some reason. I love it and I will definitely implement it sooner with our next babe!

M I L E S T O N E S: Titus consistently sleeps 7-8 hours at night. He rolled from belly to back for the first time!! (check out this video to see that - we caught his very first roll on camera!) His two bottom teeth are making their appearance! They haven't broken through quite yet but we can feel and see them. It makes for some tough days but cuddles and infant tylenol do the trick! He also LOVES bath time! He splashes so much and has tons of fun!

O U T I N G S: We go anywhere and everywhere! Titus accompanies Mama to all the weekly errands, church with Mama and Daddy on Sundays, and usually shopping or something fun on Saturdays! The one thing he did for the first time was go to the oil change place with Mama! He loved the workers there. They are some really nice guys!

F A V  T O Y S/A C T I V I T I E S: Titus loves to lay on a blanket on the floor and have someone down there playing with him. He has a few favorite toys - his crinkly book, soft giraffe rattle, blue/green rattle, and his Foxy of course! He loves chewing Foxy's ears when he's in his carseat :)

W O R D S/S O U N D S: Coos, screams and cries! He has giggled a few times and has started singing! He is definitely finding his vocal chords!

N I C K N A M E S: Titus boy, Love bug, Bug, Lovie, Titus Almightus, Sweet boy, Tighter

F U N N Y  M O M E N T S: He laughs and smiles all the time! Especially when Daddy is being so silly! Loves when Mommy sings Patty Cake, Winnie the Pooh, and Itsy Bitsy Spider!

The last 3 months have been some of the best of our lives! To hear about how I'm adjusting to motherhood, check out this post!

xoxo || meredith

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