Hello Sweet Cheer: October 2016


Titus Matthew | 4 months

I cannot believe my baby boy is already four months old! Time is flying by and now I truly understand parents saying to "cherish" this stage. It's hard and exhausting at times but it is so sweet and I know I'll miss it very soon!

A G E: Four months!

W E I G H T: He is 16 pounds and in the 62nd percentile!

L E N G T H: 25 1/2 inches and in the 66th percentile! It seems like he is leveling out in size, so that's cool!

S I Z E: Titus is still wearing size 2 diapers! He might be heading into 3's in the next month but for now he's a solid 2. Clothing is still so confusing to me. But overall he's in 6M, 6-9M with a few 9M thrown in there. I think his closet is completely rid of anything smaller than 6M except maybe pants/shorts - they seem to run pretty big. We are having fun getting to dress him in cuter outfits now that the weather is cooling off!

E Y E S & H A I R: Dark brown! Still comb it after bath every night, and it's adorable :)

S L E E P I N G: His sleep is still pretty consistent but he does wake up twice at night these days. His bedtime routine is the same - bath time at 7:15/30, last feeding around 7:45/8 and then down for the night. He tends to wake up around 3am so I feed him and then he sleeps until about 6am. Recently I haven't been feeding him at that time because I know he's only getting used to lighter sleep cycles and he's just eaten a few hours prior. This month I'll be getting quite a bit more strict about feeding him at night so we can be on our way to a 12 hour night of sleep!

As far as naps, he usually naps 3 times a day but the times and lengths change quite a bit. I'm working on trying to get him on a better nap schedule but I want to get nights down first! In general he naps around 9am/10am for an hour, around 12pm/1pm for an hour and around 3pm/4pm for an hour. I've noticed he needs a late nap to stay happy in the evenings before bedtime so I've been trying to encourage that!

E A T I N G: He is still having mostly breastmilk and now we give him one bottle of formula a day! We started that just after he turned 3 months old and it has been wonderful! It gives me a chance to pump and have a break - Ryan usually feeds him and puts him down for the night. He takes about 6oz consistently, sometimes less if he's just exhausted. He still nurses throughout the day and once at night like I mentioned earlier. We are still on our schedule and loving it! If you're interested in a detailed schedule - I listed it out on his 3 month update, here.

Lastly, our doctor gave us the green light to start food today! As of four months, we can give him anything and everything! As long as it's soft of course :) So look out for photos and updates on that in the weeks to come!

M I L E S T O N E S: Titus puts himself to sleep every night! It is such a blessing. His pediatrician advised us to start putting him down awake, with no pacifier, no music, etc. at 3 1/2 months old. We started that just before 3 1/2 months and he's a pro now. He does cry a bit sometimes but always falls asleep within about 20 minutes. Still working on some teeth, none are completely broken through yet but they are on their way! He went to the nursery at church for the first time this month! My mama heart broke a little but he did awesome and goes every week now! It's great for Ryan and I to both be able to sit through church without worrying about keeping him quiet/happy. He also sits up in his bumbo and in his exersaucer really well. He's not sitting up unassisted quite yet but I'm sure that's coming soon! He also sucks on his hands constantly and uses that to soothe himself to sleep! Lastly, we had him announced at church this month during Celebration Weekend! Our names, his name, birth date and photo was flashed on the screen among other babies, and then our family was prayed over! It was a sweet and special day!

O U T I N G S: He went to his very first wedding this month (other than the one when he was in Mama's tummy) and went on his first long road trip since he was a newborn! He did great. He slept most of the car ride and was silent during the wedding ceremony! He got to see all of Ryan's family which was super fun since we hadn't seen them in a few months. Everyone loved seeing how much he has changed and grown.

His arm placement kills me... I didn't even put him like that!

F A V  T O Y S/A C T I V I T I E S: He still enjoys playing on the floor but has gotten a LOT more picky lately. He can entertain himself for a while but would much rather have someone playing WITH him! His favorite toys are still - his crinkly book, soft giraffe rattle, blue/green rattle, and his Foxy of course! He loves chewing Foxy's ears when he's in his carseat :)

W O R D S/S O U N D S: Lots and lots of sounds! Giggles, high pitched squeals, screams, coos, cries...he does it all! Expect speak of course ;)

N I C K N A M E S: Titus boy, Love bug, Titus Almightus, Sweet boy, Tighter

F U N N Y  M O M E N T S: He always makes a face and a grunting sound when he poops...it's just lovely :)

And here's a photo round-up from this month:

He is growing so fast and we love him more and more each day!
Being a mama is truly everything I dreamt of and more!

xoxo || meredith