Hello Sweet Cheer: New Baby Must Haves


New Baby Must Haves

     Hi friends! It's been a while since I've gotten on here to write anything but a baby update. And today I'm finding the time to tell y'all about my most favorite items we've used with Titus since he was born! Before becoming a mom, it was so easy for me to say, "Oh, those things are luxuries, I won't need all that." But THEN...I became a mom and suddenly became so thankful for some of the products that we have access to these days! Here we go!

O N E Brestfriend

     This product was a lifesaver for me! Because I ended up with a c-section, those first few weeks of breastfeeding were really tough. I was still healing and in a lot of pain, so this lifted Titus off of my tummy and up to my waist! It buckles on and is firm to create a table-like effect. I used for about the first 6-8 weeks. After that, I moved to just supporting Titus' head with a small pillow. A friend let me borrow it and I was so so thankful! I will definitely purchase one of my own next time we have a baby!

T W O SwaddleMe blankets

     Titus was one of those kids who NEEDED to be very tightly swaddled to sleep well as an infant. We swaddled him pretty religiously until he was almost 3 months old. I struggled to get the swaddle tight enough when just using the regular muslin swaddle blankets. The SwaddleMe blankets have velcro and are made with exactly enough fabric to put your baby in a little cocoon! These were so helpful for me in the middle of the night and even at his nap time!

T H R E E Play Mat

     The play mat was an item that a friend let me borrow when Titus was really colicky. He LOVED the lights and music and it kept him occupied long enough for me to eat, do a chore or two, or just have a moment to myself. That sounds selfish, but as a new mom sometimes all you need is a moment or two to breathe before your baby needs you again!

F O U R Babyganics Bath Soap

     This was something I was surprised to need! I started out bathing Titus with Johnson & Johnson products. And I liked them until I realized they were causing his head to dry out and peel. I learned that their products contain a lot of alcohol which dries out their skin! So any brand that is supposed to be natural or moisturizing would probably work. I use Eucerin lotion and Babyganics soaps! Other brands I've tried and don't dry him out are Aveeno and Cetaphil.

F I V E Sleep Sack

     We are still using the sleep sack! I started using it after he got too big for it and was able to roll over. I didn't feel like we needed the swaddle and it didn't seem safe once he was rolling. For a while I just covered him up with one of the million blankets we have but he would kick so much when he was falling asleep that the blanket would end up either by his face or off of him completely. The sleep sack allows him to be covered up without him being able to kick it off!

These are just 5 things I feel like we have gotten really great use out of and will definitely use again with another child. There are tons of others things we love and swear by but these are some of the important ones for the newborn stage! I'm sure I'll have a list of other things we love as he grows and changes more!

What products do you swear by for your newborn? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

xoxo || meredith

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