Hello Sweet Cheer: 2017


Pregnancy #2 + My Heart on Motherhood

     Well, we announced this pregnancy over two weeks ago and I'm just now getting on here to blog about it! Baby #2 is already proving to be a totally different ball game than Baby #1! This time around has been a complete whirlwind as it was quite a bit more unexpected than my last pregnancy. This baby will be 19 months younger than Titus and we are thrilled about it! I am already praying for the Lord to give them a sweet sibling relationship that will last for years to come.

     I am almost 13 weeks now, and we aren't finding out the gender until 20 weeks.....! Needless to say, we are itching with anticipation! Apparently, everyone gets the blood test done these days but our insurance doesn't cover it so we are waiting until the anatomy scan. Not to mention, I LOVED finding out through an ultrasound last time and I really want to find out that way again!

If you missed it, here's how we announced on social media:

Annnnd here is the video we shared of when I found out! And when I told Ryan and when we told our parents. We are so so grateful to have this all documented. It is such a sweet memory!

     Lastly, I just want to share a small bit of my heart right now. I am feeling completely overwhelmed with gratefulness for this little babe inside of me. I don't deserve the precious child I already have and I sure don't deserve another one. My motherhood has been a journey and I learn more about the Father's heart every day as I navigate this role He's given me. And that's exactly what it is - the role He's given me. The gift of being a mama is not lost on me. My heart hurts deeply for those of you who wish to be mamas, and aren't for whatever reason. I plead with the Lord for you - to give you the role you so deeply desire. And I thank Him for allowing me to mother HIS precious children.

Thank you, Lord for this sweet, sweet gift.


Titus Matthew | 12 months

A G E: 12 months old

It's basically impossible to get this child to sit still 
for a posed photo so I decided to use this cute one 
from his party as his 12 month picture! Thanks to my sweet 
friend, Ashley, for snapping all the photos at his party!

W E I G H T: 22 lbs 5 oz, 67th percentile

L E N G T H: 31 inches, 90th percentile (all of a sudden he's back in the high percentiles for height....maybe it's just the growth spurt talking! haha)

S I Z E: Size 4 diapers and 12-18 months in clothing all depending on brand!

E Y E S & H A I R: Dark brown!

S L E E P I N G: Still a great sleeper! Goes to bed about 7:30pm (give or take) depending on if we are out or have anything going on in the evenings. He sleeps right through until 7 or 8am depending on the day! He sleeps with his Texas Tech blanket over him, we have phased out lovies!

E A T I N G: Not much change here other than the fact that he is completely on whole milk these days! No more breastmilk or formula. And as of today, no more bottles! He has been drinking out of a sippy cup for months now but we were still doing bottles before naps and bedtime. Now we'll be transitioning to sippy cups only.

As far as regular food, still loves most of the same things. He always eats really well! Some of his favorites are: green beans, meatballs, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, greek yogurt and cheese!

M I L E S T O N E S:
-Has mastered the signs for "eat" and "all done"
-Has taken a few steps
-Walks while pushing all kinds of things around the house
-Has total of 8 teeth now
-Always dancing to music we have playing or music on his toys
-Loves swimming and his new water table
-Had cake for the first time at his birthday party! (he loved it)

O U T I N G S: He went to the Omni Hotel with mommy and daddy last month. We swam in the rooftop pool, checked out the Dallas Museum of Art and had a ton of fun! If you're interested, I wrote a post on it, here.

F A V  T O Y S/A C T I V I T I E S: He got a good handful of new things at his party on Saturday that he has been loving! He loves his circus tent, plastic bat, singing chair, activity cube.... so many fun new things!

W O R D S/S O U N D S: Still saying Mama and Dada! Squeals, laughs, babbles, etc. Uses baby sign language well!

N I C K N A M E S: Titus boy, Titus Almightus, Sweet boy, Titer, Titer Almighter, Goose

F U N N Y  M O M E N T S: He ATE UP the attention at his birthday party. When everyone clapped he would clap and laugh and smile! It was the cutest thing!

And a photo round up from the the past month!

We love you, baby boy. I would write more to you here, but I've written to you in this post already. Mommy and Daddy cannot believe you're already a year old! You are such a joy.

xoxo || mere


Titus Matthew | 11 Months

A G E: 11 months old

W E I G H T: 21 lbs 7.5 oz, 63rd percentile

L E N G T H: 29 inches, 37th percentile

S I Z E: Size 4 diapers and 12 months in clothing! For some reason, pajamas seem to run small so he's pretty much in all 18 months there, otherwise mostly 12 months!

E Y E S & H A I R: Dark brown!

S L E E P I N G: Still a great sleeper! Goes to bed about 7:30pm (give or take) depending on if we are out or have anything going on in the evenings. He sleeps right through until 7 or 8am depending on the day! He has multiple "lovies" he sleeps with but can definitely go without them! He just likes something to cuddle with.

E A T I N G: Still on a pretty similar schedule/diet as he was last month. He has developed a bit of an aversion to chicken, lately. Which is irritating but I think it's just a phase because he used to love it! He is very clear about when he is finished eating. He either starts to rub his hands all over his tray (squishing his food) or he picks up pieces and drops them on the floor, usually watching them fall! Haha

We still do 3 bottles a day! Usually he takes about 6-10 ounces during the day (depending on how well he eats at breakfast and lunch) and 6-8 ounces before bed. I'm just starting to wonder how I'm going to make the transition away from bottles of formula to whole milk in sippy cups. He does great with sippy cups and loves to drink out of a straw!

M I L E S T O N E S:
-Has mastered the sign for "more"
-Walks while holding my fingers and loves it
-Walks with his push walker
-Still has 6 teeth, still working on two in the front on the bottom
-Makes the cutest kissy face
-Figured out how to open cabinets
-Started dancing and shaking his head to music
-Experienced his first Easter and loved his Easter basket from mama and daddy!

O U T I N G S: No new outings this month! But he'll get to experience the Omni Hotel in Dallas with mommy and daddy next weekend!

F A V  T O Y S/A C T I V I T I E S: He loves being out and about! He's all about riding in the shopping cart and having tons to observe. As far as toys, I think it's about time we rotate some out. But he's loving his walker right now and still loves his shape sorter! He enjoys using the bucket part and putting the blocks straight in (not through the shapes).

W O R D S/S O U N D S: Still saying Mama and Dada! Squeals, laughs, babbles, etc. We are working on using lots of baby sign language.

N I C K N A M E S: Titus boy, Titus Almightus, Sweet boy, Titer, Titer Almighter, Goose

F U N N Y  M O M E N T S: Looooves to dance and does it without being prompted when music comes on. So sweet!

Annnnd here are the outtakes... we had a pretty rough time getting him to sit there. He just kept trying to crawl away! Typical haha

Would've been a cute one if Daddy's arm wasn't in the middle of the picture!

And a photo round up from the the past month!

Opening my Mother's Day gift!

I really can't believe we're just a month away from our boy's first birthday! This year has flown by! Super thankful for his life and the blessing he is. The Lord has used motherhood to shape and mold me so much in the last 11 months, I can only imagine how much more He will mold me over the next 18+ years! We love you, Titus Boy!



Finding Joy in Routine

Happy Thursday, friends!

I'm realizing I haven't posted anything here other than a monthly update on Titus since November....oops! I really underestimated my ability to stay consistent while also fulfilling all my mama duties. No excuses, I just haven't done a great job of managing my time! So here's to new beginnings... I won't promise anything other than an effort to post more often!

Over the past few weeks I've been dwelling on the thought that ROUTINE is a JOY. Some of you spontaneous people are probably thinking I'm crazy but hear me out! We've been studying the book of Exodus at church since last August and one thing my pastor has been saying the last few weeks that has really made me think is this:
"Most of what God is going to do - He will do over a long period of time in a whole lot of ordinary." 
It's so true! We pray in faith for the extraordinary, for the Lord to do miracles and move mountains, and all the while he is sanctifying, growing, stretching us over a long period of time in a whole lot of ordinary. I love it! There is so much beauty in that. That little bit of truth then led me to begin reflecting on all the things God has done and the ways He has grown me in the ordinary. I have learned more of his character, his love, his grace, mercy and justice. He has drawn me to himself and it's been through the consistency of presence and prayer. God has been PRESENT in my life, He has shown himself to me and been leading me in the everyday, nitty gritty of life. And I have met with him in PRAYER. My relationship with the Lord is stronger each day that I spend time with him.

Okay, lets get onto the JOY in ROUTINE part! I'm a stay at home mom, which naturally comes with a lot of the same things every single day. I want to paint a picture of my day for you, that might help you understand how I'm finding joy in what can sometimes become mundane.

I usually wake up around 6am. I shower, put actual clothes on (instead of staying in pajamas) and I sit at my kitchen table with coffee, my Bible and my journal. Of course I'm sleepy but this routine has made ALL the difference in my joy. When I spend time with the Lord before my whole house is awake - I am better equipped as a wife and a mama. Later on in my day I am reminded of what I read or what the Lord showed me. And that causes me to be a more patient, loving mama. And a more gracious, helpful wife.

When Titus goes down for his first nap of the day, I do a quick 10-15 minute house cleaning. I pick up toys, wipe food up off of the floor, do a few dishes, sweep the kitchen, make our bed... and these things bring JOY to my heart because they are a part of a routine. And that route brings order which causes me to look toward the Father with thankfulness and a desire to know Him deeper.

I cook dinner most nights. And while I'm doing that, Titus usually crawls around and plays in the kitchen. I LOVE the normalcy of cooking a good meal for my family with my baby playing at my feet.

All of the things I've listed are so. so. normal! And I could've listed a million more. We all have things we do every day, or almost every day! They are routine and without viewing them through the lens of the gospel, they are boring! They aren't fun, they don't bring joy or help us feel closer to Jesus. But when we look at the work of motherhood - whether you're staying home or working outside the home - through the lens that Christ died so that we can find joy in the Lord, we are so much better equipped to see the utter joy in our every day, predictable, usually repetitive routines.

What helps you to find joy in your routines? I'd love to know in the comments below!


Titus Matthew | 10 months

Wow! Another month has passed and I've yet to get another post up other than monthly updates. Yikes. Mom life is in full force these days! I will get back on a blogging schedule soon!

A G E: 10 months old

W E I G H T: No update on weight - he was 20 pounds 6 ounces at his 9 month appt!

L E N G T H: No update - 28 inches at his last appt!

S I Z E: He is still solid in size 4 diapers and wears mostly 12M clothes all dependent upon brand and fit. We still have a few 9M items that work and a few 12-18M items that he's already wearing.

E Y E S & H A I R: Dark brown!

S L E E P I N G: Instead of talking about his routine this month (since it's the exact same as it's always been) I'll list some different sleep things he's been doing this month! First off, he's woken up before 7am more times that mama would like, lately! It doesn't seem to be related to how early he goes to sleep at night but I will admit we've put him down a smudge later since he started that just to be sure he sleeps as long as possible in the mornings.

He also plays in his crib before most naps and usually before bed at night. It's funny because he'll have his eyes closed and seem super sleepy when he's taking his bottle. Then after we lay him down and leave the room, we check the monitor and he's sitting up playing with his stuffed animals and making sounds!

E A T I N G: Titus is growing up fast! I'm no longer breastfeeding... which I plan to write a separate post about. But the summary is that he just lost interest. And that's okay! So his normal schedule goes about like this...

Wake up, breakfast (usually eggs, bacon or sausage, fruit, sometimes bread or pancake)
2-4 ounce bottle, nap
Wake up from nap, play
Lunch (leftovers, PB&J, turkey & cheese, etc.)
Play, run errands, go to the park
3-5 ounce bottle, nap
Wake up, play
Dinner, (same as lunch, usually leftovers or whatever we're eating)
Bath, 8 ounce bottle, bedtime

M I L E S T O N E S:
-Bear crawling
-Pulls up on EVERYTHING and all the way to his feet in his crib
-Still has 6 teeth, starting to cut a 7th on the front left
-Pushes his play table around...sort of uses it like a walker!
-Has started taking 2-3 hour naps at least once a day! Instead of 1-1.5 hour naps, PRAISE!
-Waves and claps like crazy!
-Says bye bye while waving, so cute.
-Babbles constantly
-Tried a pickle for the first time
-We started brushing his teeth and he LOVES it

O U T I N G S: We went to the zoo again, the San Antonio Zoo! He got to spend a weekend with his cousin Easton, and we all had a blast! We also celebrated Grandad's birthday at Hard Eight BBQ. And this isn't really an outing but both Grandpa Sammy and Grandma Dela came to visit him this month!!

F A V  T O Y S/A C T I V I T I E S: Loves his shape sorter and knock knock blocks!

W O R D S/S O U N D S: Still saying Mama and Dada! Squeals, laughs, babbles, etc.

N I C K N A M E S: Titus boy, Love bug, Titus Almightus, Sweet boy, Titer, Titer Almighter, Buckysmith, Buckwheat Smith, Silly goose bug, Goose

F U N N Y  M O M E N T S: He has such a huge personality now! He is getting more and more fun every day. He laughs at the silliest things mama and daddy do!

Outtakes... I underestimated how hard it would be to get a 10 month old to sit still....

Most of the time he wasn't even on the quilt.

Aaaaand, here are some photos from the past month!

xoxo || meredith