Hello Sweet Cheer: Finding Joy in Routine


Finding Joy in Routine

Happy Thursday, friends!

I'm realizing I haven't posted anything here other than a monthly update on Titus since November....oops! I really underestimated my ability to stay consistent while also fulfilling all my mama duties. No excuses, I just haven't done a great job of managing my time! So here's to new beginnings... I won't promise anything other than an effort to post more often!

Over the past few weeks I've been dwelling on the thought that ROUTINE is a JOY. Some of you spontaneous people are probably thinking I'm crazy but hear me out! We've been studying the book of Exodus at church since last August and one thing my pastor has been saying the last few weeks that has really made me think is this:
"Most of what God is going to do - He will do over a long period of time in a whole lot of ordinary." 
It's so true! We pray in faith for the extraordinary, for the Lord to do miracles and move mountains, and all the while he is sanctifying, growing, stretching us over a long period of time in a whole lot of ordinary. I love it! There is so much beauty in that. That little bit of truth then led me to begin reflecting on all the things God has done and the ways He has grown me in the ordinary. I have learned more of his character, his love, his grace, mercy and justice. He has drawn me to himself and it's been through the consistency of presence and prayer. God has been PRESENT in my life, He has shown himself to me and been leading me in the everyday, nitty gritty of life. And I have met with him in PRAYER. My relationship with the Lord is stronger each day that I spend time with him.

Okay, lets get onto the JOY in ROUTINE part! I'm a stay at home mom, which naturally comes with a lot of the same things every single day. I want to paint a picture of my day for you, that might help you understand how I'm finding joy in what can sometimes become mundane.

I usually wake up around 6am. I shower, put actual clothes on (instead of staying in pajamas) and I sit at my kitchen table with coffee, my Bible and my journal. Of course I'm sleepy but this routine has made ALL the difference in my joy. When I spend time with the Lord before my whole house is awake - I am better equipped as a wife and a mama. Later on in my day I am reminded of what I read or what the Lord showed me. And that causes me to be a more patient, loving mama. And a more gracious, helpful wife.

When Titus goes down for his first nap of the day, I do a quick 10-15 minute house cleaning. I pick up toys, wipe food up off of the floor, do a few dishes, sweep the kitchen, make our bed... and these things bring JOY to my heart because they are a part of a routine. And that route brings order which causes me to look toward the Father with thankfulness and a desire to know Him deeper.

I cook dinner most nights. And while I'm doing that, Titus usually crawls around and plays in the kitchen. I LOVE the normalcy of cooking a good meal for my family with my baby playing at my feet.

All of the things I've listed are so. so. normal! And I could've listed a million more. We all have things we do every day, or almost every day! They are routine and without viewing them through the lens of the gospel, they are boring! They aren't fun, they don't bring joy or help us feel closer to Jesus. But when we look at the work of motherhood - whether you're staying home or working outside the home - through the lens that Christ died so that we can find joy in the Lord, we are so much better equipped to see the utter joy in our every day, predictable, usually repetitive routines.

What helps you to find joy in your routines? I'd love to know in the comments below!

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